How To Install Minecraft – Pocket Edition Texture Packs

Minecraft Pocket Edition Texture Packs

Note: you do not require a jailbroken device in order to install texture packs!

Less than a week ago, Minecraft – Pocket Edition was finally updated with the first of the survival updates, and it seems to be a hit with much more positive criticism.  Now that we’re one step closer to a somewhat similar experience to what we’ve come to love on the PC platform, much more people seem to be picking it up.

For those who have, you may be one of those people who love switching around the texture packs on the PC version, and you may be stuck using a great looking texture pack. Much like doing so on PC, it is extremely easy to get your own texture pack on your iOS version.

In order to do so you will require iExplorer, which is a free download from Once you’ve downloaded and installed the program, plug in your iOS device with Minecraft – Pocket Edition installed and open up iExplorer. Navigate your way to “com.mojang.minecraftpe” and open ““. Then drag and drop the new iOS specific texture pack files into the folder, and replace all existing files, but it would be a good idea to backup the whole folder, just in case you change your mind.

There is a whole sub-forum devoted to iOS texture packs on the Minecraft Forums, so head on over now if you’re interested.


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What 's an iPhone?
  • Talor

    This is a much needed inclusion in the game!

  • Austinbeth

    I have an iPod and I have no clue how to download texture pack for pe/pocket edition help please :( :( :( Email adress:

    • DavenGomes

      Where did you go wrong with this tutorial?

  • Austinbeth

    Joesph an iPhone is a phone that can play games just like an iPod but u can call surf the web with no wifi and if u go on you tube u get vids instantly

    • DavenGomes

      There are many more advantages to an iPhone but yes, that’s the general idea. :)

  • stevenPryce

    what if your iexplorer dosent work? please help me! I have the latest version of iexplorer and itunes

  • Megan

    I have an ipad 2 and no computers, but i really wanna have candycraft!!!!!! Plz give options

  • Nick

    How to install texture pack on ANDROID
    ??? ?????????? ??????? ??? ?? ????????? ?? ????????

  • Person

    I have an iPad2. How do I do this?

  • Someone

    I did this but it never works.

    • Micth

      Tell you what give up true something els

  • Sparkle minecraft player

    How do you get a texter pack I really need one and I am a big fan of minecraft and I need a texter pack because my minecraft sever is not working with the texter pack I have oh and yay i can’t wait till the new update with buffets and I love the new update for computer one and the TNT in the minecraft awsome!!! :) how do you guys come up with these things I mean you guys must have great moms!!! Oh and remember the texter pack email me at this email thanks by :)

  • Nancy13

    Is it possible you can put a new update version…Iexplore has updated and still dont udnerstand