Ex-Call of Duty Veterans Reveal Online First-Person Shooter ‘Offensive Combat’

Offensive Combat cover picture

An online first-person shooter called Offensive Combat has been announced by U4iA Studios, and will release for smartphones after thorough beta testing of the web browser version.  The company consists of Dusty Welch and Chris Archer – two Activision veterans who worked on the console blockbuster Call of Duty.

Offensive Combat™ will feature the most competitive multiplayer action ever seen within a browser, enabling players to harness their skills and use their creativity and ingenuity to win the ultimate mash-up of first-person shooters. The browser version and the mobile/tablet versions of the game are interconnected, and work together unlike any game before. The full Offensive Combat experience will be detailed in the coming weeks.

The closed beta will start this summer, according to That Video Game Blog, with the smartphone version releasing soon after.



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